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Pregnancy & Postpartum

Whether you are preparing for pregnancy, are expecting, or are postpartum, we are here for you.  The body thrives in an optimal environment (including internal environment) and we can help optimize this for improved daily function.  

Do You...

  • Have questions about exercise dos and don'ts during pregnancy or postpartum? Or questions about recovery and prevention of postpartum issues?

  • have low back pain, tailbone pain, or pubic bone pain that makes sitting, standing, and walking difficult?

  • feel pulling, pressure or heaviness in your pelvis?

  • notice coning or doming in your abdomen when you sit up, roll over, or exercise?

  • dribble or leak urine when coughing, sneezing, laughing, lifting, jumping, or running? How about after going to the bathroom?

  • have a hard time with bowel movements, have hemorrhoids, have to wipe a lot, or notice smearing in your underwear? 



Our bodies change SO MUCH during pregnancy - our muscles and tissues stretch, our ligaments soften, and our posture changes.  All of these can contribute to pain or discomfort.  Pelvic physical therapy during all stages of pregnancy can help you stay active, remain strong, and decrease your symptoms.

Prenatal Wellness Package

Too many symptoms experienced during pregnancy are written off as "normal" - pain incontinence, and muscle tension can be common but are never "normal".  I can help you thrive during pregnancy as well as optimize your labor and birth outcomes.


The Prenatal Wellness Package includes:

- One in-office evaluation

- Two in-office follow up visits

- Birth Preparation Series (2 virtual sessions, 1 in-office session)

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Pregnancy and birth affect our core, abdominal wall, and pelvic floor and these changes may be present immediately after birth and/or surface years to decades later.  Healing from vaginal tearing or c-section delivery is no easy task - let us help you!  We can help train your muscles and body to help heal and prevent prolapse, incontinence, residual diastasis recti, and other postpartum complaints.

The Postpartum Wellness Package Includes:

- postpartum guide to the first 6 weeks

- 2 week postpartum home visit

- 6 week in-office pelvic floor evaluation

- 8 week in-office follow up visit

Birth Preparation

Knowing how your body changes in preparation for labor and delivery, and what you can do to help it, is an integral part of your birth experience.  This course is for both the birthing person and their birth partners so that everyone involved understands the labor and birthing process and feels empowered, educated, and prepared for the upcoming birth.

Course Options
  • in-person

    • this is a 2-2.5hr, in-person, course that goes over everything birth-related and your early postpartum care.  includes comprehensive guide.  Partners are highly encouraged to attend and welcomed!

  • hybrid

    • this is a series of 2, 1 hour virtual sessions, and 1, 1 hour in-person session​

  • BOTH COURSES go over everything birth-related and your early postpartum care.  Includes a comprehensive guide and partners are highly encouraged to attend and welcomed!

  • What is covered?  Read the list below!

    • what to keep an eye out for during third trimester

    • exercise recommendations and specifics for pelvic floor preparation

    • preparing your home and family for the new arrival

    • why pelvic floor relaxation is important for labor and how to practice at home

    • what you can do prior to and during birth to improve your ability to push and reduce the likelihood and severity of perineal tearing

    • hormones involved in labor

    • medical interventions during labor

    • stages of labor - physiological and emotional response 

    • labor and birthing positions (with and without epidural)

    • c-section birth and recovery

    • questions to ask your medical team in prenatal visits and during labor

    • expectations for your bladder, bowel, and sexual health postpartum

    • realistic expectations for safely returning to exercise postpartum and a first six weeks guide

    • knowing when you need individualized help postpartum

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Your postpartum journey shouldn't be a mystery...

We get, at the minimum, 14 prenatal visits with our provider during pregnancy, and only 1 visit postpartum (between 4-8 weeks after delivery!). This does not leave much time to talk about your postpartum concerns or needs.


At Magnolia PT, postpartum care can begin during your pregnancy, and includes instruction in your immediate postpartum phase, virtual calls, and in-person visits to help you navigate one of the greatest recovery periods you will go through.   

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