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I'm Dr. Lindsey

Doctor of Physical Therapy, specialist in Pelvic Health and Orthopedics, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Childbirth Educator, and mom of 2.

Hey, I'm Lindsey!


pelvic floor dysfunction


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fertility wellness

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a bit more about

My story

I have been treating patients in the Charlotte area for several years, began specializing in treating pregnant/postpartum patients in 2017, followed closely by treating all pelvic floor dysfunction in 2018.  After going through my own pregnancy and postpartum experience, I knew that the current healthcare model was not only insufficient for recognizing and treating pelvic floor complications postnatally, but also addressing these complications throughout the lifespan.

My goal with Magnolia PT is to not only treat patients with the appropriate care they deserve, but to also educate and bring awareness to the vast underserving of the pelvic floor dysfunction population.

NO, this is not your "new normal"...

NO, you shouldn't have to take sick days from school or work because of menstrual pain...

NO, leaking is NEVER normal...

NO, a glass of wine won't make it hurt less...

NO, you should be able to exercise how you want to...

NO, you do not have to live with pain...

NO, medications and surgery might NOT be the best choice for you...

...and the list goes on.

I have developed my practice so that we can have consistent communication during your time with me - your one-on-one care does not end when the treatment sessions end.  I have open and direct communication with each and every one of my patients to ensure you get the specialized care and support that you need.

XO, Lindsey

Get to know me

My go-to coffee order:

vanilla dirty chai latte

I can't work without:

Background music and laughing!

Enneagram Type:

Type 1, 2 wing 

Favorite season:

Spring - 70-80s, light breeze, a cloud here and there

Favorite Foods:

anything salty and brownies

What I like to read:

Thrillers! (and Hallmark-esque romance)


Let's work together

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