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Magnolia offers a range of services to help you get back to doing what YOU want to do!

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Pelvic Floor Dysfunction


Pregnancy & Postpartum

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Birth Preparation

The Magnolia Promise

Full Length, One-on-One Sessions

Your treatment sessions will always be hour-long with hands on treatment performed by YOUR pelvic physical therapist.

Pelvic Health Specialist

Specializing exclusively in pelvic health, I have dedicated my career to helping women with pelvic health issues find lasting relief.

Whole-Body Approach

I am driven to find the "why" behind what you're experiencing so that it does not come back or flare up.  Utilizing a whole-body approach to treatment helps you reach your goals faster with better results.


Benefits of cash-based physical therapy

  • when going through insurance for physical therapy, your insurance company dictates your treatment plan.

  • a cash-based model gives freedom to your therapist to do what is best for your during the length of your course of treatment, without insurance approval.  This means that:

    • I can spend more one-on-one time with you, 

    • I can decide what treatment and when is best for you,

    • we can work on multiple problems at one time!

  • Transparent pricing - seeing a cash-based therapist might end up being less expensive than billing through insurance based on your plan!  Plus, there is no question as to how much a session will cost you (and no end-of-treatment surprises!)

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Evaluation and/or treatment sessions performed at one of the following locations:

Soul Wellness - 500 S. Main Street, Ste 113

Mooresville, NC 28115

LOOM - 118 Academy Street

Fort Mill 29715



I get it - sometimes it is next to impossible to make it into an office for an hour-long appointment, or maybe you have a full-time job and can't miss work, or you don't live in the Charlotte Metro area.  Whatever the case, we can schedule your session on-line.


  • phone, laptop, computer with video capability

  • private area for you and your device to move around

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