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Fertility Wellness

Pelvic floor physical therapy can provide benefits to those who may be suffering from mechanical infertility.  Manual therapy techniques are performed to minimize adhesions around the reproductive organs, decrease mechanical blockages, and promote normal physiological motion of organs within the abdominal and pelvic region.


 - by definition, infertility is defined as having difficulty achieving pregnancy within 12 months of trying to get pregnant in individuals younger than 35 and within 6 months of trying to get pregnant in individuals over 35.

- the most common reason for infertility in women is complications with ovulation, which may also include history of endometriosis or PCOS.  Your doctor will suggest options for you to try in order to address the hormonal component to your infertility.

Mechanical infertility occurs when there is a physical obstruction preventing the sperm and the egg from meeting can be from scar tissue in the abdomen or reproductive organs from previous surgeries, pain with intercourse, and it is also associated with inflammation and lymphatic blockage within the pelvis. 

Why does fascial and visceral mobility matter in fertility?

When there is disruption in blood flood and normal mobility to the abdominal and reproductive organs, there can be significant changes in inflammation, hormone production and regulation, and possible blockages. When manual therapy modalities are performed, they can help activate appropriate central nervous system response to positively influence reproductive organ activity, decrease elevated FSH levels, and promote a more optimal internal environment for successful pregnancy.

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What treatment looks like.

Abdominal and Pelvic Evaluation

There are several factors that can influence your fertility wellness.  This comprehensive eval looks at your abdominal muscle and organ mobility, as well as your pelvic floor to help understand a possible root of the problem.

Deep Tissue Work

Through visceral mobilization, we use evidence-based treatment to help increase your chance of conceiving by ultimately increasing blood flow to your reproductive organs, thus improving function.  This deeper tissue and muscle work increases blood flow, organ mobility, and reduces scar tissue and adhesions.

Cycle Tracking and Lifestyle Changes

We will look at any blood work results that you have, educate on how to properly track and make notes about your cycle, and decide if there are lifestyle changes (re: exercise, diet, and supplements) that need to be altered to improve fertility.

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