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This guide was designed to answer all your questions about third trimester in pregnancy through the first six weeks of postpartum life!  The guide includes the following:


Common 3rd Trimester Complaints

Exercise Recommendations

Stretches for labor and delivery

Perineal Massage

Support - hospital and home, What to Pack, Postpartum home set-up


Braxton Hicks

Signs Labor *could* Be Near

Preterm Labor


Stages of Labor

Hormones of Labor


Stage 1 Labor

Labor Positions

Epidurals and Transition

Labor Stages 2-4

Immediate Postpartum for Baby

Breastfeeding Basics

Postpartum Pooping


Vaginal Birth

Perineal Tearing/Episiotomies/Care

Cesarean Birth

Postpartum Belly Binding

Postpartum Intimacy

Postpartum Mental Health

Postpartum Return to Exercise and suggested guide to follow

When to See Pelvic PT

Birth Preferences Worksheet


Birth and Postpartum Prep Guide

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